Health Instructors

Stephanie Smith



Kids Adventure Yoga Teacher


Lil Adventurers (ages 3-6)

Exciting stories incorporating yoga poses and powerful themes

Coming Soon- Tiny Tots (ages 2-4)

Stories, yoga, songs, and games designed for children with shorter attention spans


Stephanie incorporates her love of children and preschool teaching experience into creating engaging lesson plans that are a fun way for children to explore common issues such as communication, bullying, acceptance, frustration, anxiety, and honesty by integrating yoga postures into exciting adventures like trips though the jungle, underwater ocean dives, journeys around the world, and even missions to the moon.


- Kids yoga helps kids build strength - especially at their core which improves posture.

- The stretching is great for maintaining flexibility - it’s a great complement for playing sports or sitting at desks.

- It improves balance - we practice balance in a controlled way using the breath and active focus to steady ourselves.

- Coordination improves as poses require physical and spatial awareness.

- Actively learning how to relax - as we do in the final stages in every class - which can encourage healthier sleep patterns.


- Confidence increases as kids gain more physical strength and coordination.

- Yoga and the stories encourage mindfulness - using the breath to steady emotions, reducing stress and anxiety, and being aware of feelings.

- Through regular practice of the yoga and breathing techniques, the kids learn how to self-regulate and channel their energy.

- The stories are interactive, calling upon imagination and communication skills.

- The sessions often provoke critical thinking from the children as they make suggestions and have other ideas that build on the story.

- We explore feelings, how to talk about feelings and develop empathy by imagining how others are feeling in our stories.

- It’s not competitive or judgmental, so all kids feel valued and accepted.



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Kristie Celentano



Health and Wellness Coach 


B.S. Exercise Physiology - 

University of Florida

M.S. Health Science Administration – University of Central Florida 


National Wellness Institute 

– Wellness in Clinical Practice

Wellcoaches – Health and Wellness Coaching, course completion


I am inspired everyday by clients who put in the hard work that it takes to regain control of their health.

Kristie started her career in cardiac rehabilitation working with patients who were tackling a lifetime of health concerns and who needed compassion and guidance to find a healthier lifestyle as they moved forward. It was in this setting that her passion for helping people to understand their bodies better grew. From senior wellness programs to health education; and personal training to leading kid’s fitness classes, Kristie has spent her career helping people learn to live better and healthier.

Raising healthy families, and maintaining healthy behaviors in our current food environment can be overwhelming to put it mildly, others might say virtually impossible. Between birthday parties, candy laden holidays, substandard school lunches, and food which is engineered to make us want more, the battle can feel unwinnable. But as with any victory, success starts with a strategy and a commitment to something better.

My practice is dedicated to my client’s vision. Improving your health and the health of your family, one step at time, is my approach. Behavior change takes time and dedication. Sometimes it’s important to take steps backwards to learn how to take the next step forward. I believe that if we continually strive for better than before and keep moving in a positive direction, together we will Find Well!

Jen Weil



Holistic Health Coach


Institute for Integrative Nutrition – certified as a Health Coach

University of Virginia School of Law – JD

Haverford College - Bachelors in Psychology 


Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified to facilitate the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program after completing training with the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) through Emory University.


Jen Weil is a holistic health coach who works with clients to help them develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them. A holistic approach to wellness recognizes that all areas of a person’s life are connected, and all parts of their life affect their health as a whole. Jen helps individuals and groups reach their health and wellness goals and make sustainable changes in such areas as healthy eating, weight loss, understanding the relationship between what they eat and how they feel, reducing food cravings, and maximizing energy. As a health coach she is also certified to deliver the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change program. She has had great success administering that program and helping individuals diagnosed with pre-diabetes make food and lifestyle changes to prevent them from developing type 2 diabetes.Working as a health coach is a second career for Jen. She always had a passion for direct service work that allowed her to have an impact on people’s lives. Originally, prior to becoming interested in nutrition and health coaching, she was a public interest attorney practicing poverty law for the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, and then working on landlord-tenant and human rights issues as an Assistant County Attorney. She took a hiatus from working as an attorney to be at home with her children, and then with the birth of her third son, she became interested in the role food plays in how we feel, act and think. Her third son was born with an enzyme deficiency that affected the foods he could eat. The experience of learning to cook for a child who needed to eat real, unprocessed foods, and then seeing the amazing transformation a whole food diet had on her entire family, led her to return to school in 2013 to study holistic nutrition. Jen is passionately committed to healthy living and teaching others to use food and lifestyle changes to reach their own optimal health.

Massage Therapy (coming soon)


Available therapies will include  

Deep Tissue Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal, Massage Reflexology, Swedish Massage, and Geriatric Massage



Nutrition is a key element in overall health.  Contact us for an individual consult or to participate in a nutrition class. 

Physical Health


Along with nutrition,physical health keeps us in balance.  Call for an consult to discuss your physical health needs and create a plan of action.